About WMDM

Our Mission

At Wingman Direct Marketing (WMDM), our mission is to be your company’s wingman, assisting you in achieving and exceeding your business goals through keenly planned and executed marketing campaigns.

We seek to accomplish this by getting to know you, your business and your objectives. Then, WMDM strategically draws up attainable and accountable results-driven tactics and lays out the mission for execution.

Our Culture

Make people happy, keep people happy – all people

Keep it simple

Be creative in all we do

Focus on solutions & results

Do what is right always and in all ways


We are dedicated to creating intelligently crafted, accountable, fully customized, and trackable programs for your business to address your unique situation and purpose.  We will expertly execute these results-driven campaigns for your business and “wow” you by not only meeting, but exceeding your goals.

YOUR results are our only focus. Otherwise, why do it?

Our Expertise

Our folks at WMDM have decades of expertise providing successful results-driven marketing solutions in the strategy, design and execution of effective programs, campaigns, and one-off projects. One size does not fit all and as such, our solutions are built individually for our clients and their objectives. At WMDM, we are experts at streamlining efficiencies and maximizing results while always mindful of campaign cost and timing. We have a proven track record of combining process improvement and organizational leadership to create and achieve successful and repeatable programs.