Mission Execution


You know what needs to get done—we got this for you! Our dedicated flight crew will execute your mission flawlessly.

Mission Execution: A singular, important operation to be carried out by a military aircraft. Whether it is a supply, extraction or reconnaissance mission, at Wingman Direct Marketing, we thought this name fit perfectly with the service we want to achieve for our clients.

Whether you need a marketing video created, a mail campaign navigated, your website needs to be redesigned, or any other project with a fixed scope–we take your project from concept to completion without being bound to an ongoing engagement. WMDM also performs analyses such as strategic examinations, assessments, audits or performances reports with the option of no recurring retainer. It’s your mission—you choose how to run it.

If you need the talent of a nimble full-service marketing agency to execute on a clearly defined strategy within a given timeframe and do not require ongoing support, Mission Execution is the perfect solution for you.

Need us to provide you with an on-going results-focused strategy?

Need Mission Execution?


Need us to execute a singular discipline for an ongoing period of time?

Need Mission Execution?

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