Wingman Wishes

Wingman Wishes

At WMDM, it is not enough for us to simply assist our clients in achieving their marketing and business objectives. We take our corporate responsibility goals seriously and honour them through our commitment to the local Make-a-Wish Foundation. WMDM has set a goal each year to donate $5,000 through Wingman Wishes to help grant wishes for worthwhile children in our community. In addition, each Wingman crew member volunteers a minimum of 40 hours every year to Make-a-Wish and other worthwhile causes.

Wingman Wishes Goals

$5000 Donation Goal Every Year

We pledge to donate (the equivalent of) half a wish each year. Did you know that each wish that Make-a-Wish Foundation grants for a very needing and worthwhile child averages $10,000? As WMDM grows in the coming years, our hopes is that we can full sponsor a wish each and every year.

$50 Donation to MAW per Initial Consultation

For each discounted 30-minute initial consultation and needs assessment you book with WMDM for only $25, we will donate the entire fee AND match it. Your $25 donation becomes a $50 donation to Make-a-Wish. You get top-end marketing strategy advice and get to be part of making a difference for a child in our community.

‘Wine Me Dine Me’ For Wishes

Live entertainment, wine tasting and fine food fundraising event with all proceeds donated to Make a Wish. Exclusive event. Stay tuned in the new year for more details.

Active Wingman Volunteers

Every WMDM associate volunteers a minimum of 40 hours per year to Make-a-Wish and other fabulous causes in the community.

WMDM in the Community

October 26, 2019
The WMDM flight crew with Ghoul friends at the Make-a-Wish Southern Alberta Monsters & Martinis Fundraiser.

Wingman Wishes Monsters & Martinis Make a Wish Foundation Fundraiser

How Can You Get Involved?

Our WMDM associates enjoy their relationship with Make-a-Wish but there is always room for more. Attend a fundraising event with us, volunteer your time, or arrange a donation through Wingman Wishes (donations over $25 qualify for a charitable tax receipt.

Book a 30-minute Initial Consultation / Needs Assessment

Book a 30-minute initial consultation and needs assessment meeting for $25* to discuss Wingman opportunities you have or challenges your business faces. For every initial consultation /needs assessment booked with WMDM, we will donate $50 to the local Make-a-Wish chapter. It’s a win-win. You receive top-end marketing strategy advice and are a part of making a difference for a child in the community.