6 Months of Marketing Ideas

Marketing Ideas

Is your team brainstorming fresh marketing ideas or full-fledged campaigns right now? Are you hitting a brick wall? Sometimes you just need a hand stimulating ideas. That’s why we publish updated marketing ideas from time to time to give you a head start in your planning. Plan Ahead Marketing campaigns…

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11 Ways to Communicate Value in Your Marketing

Communicate Value

Most companies suck at the ability to communicate value for their product or service. Ultimately, communicating your value allows you to express your authority and ability to help your audience. It allows you to build trust and to draw their attention to the solutions to their problems. They may even…

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Cause-Related Marketing: How to make it work for you

Cause related marketing blog

When you think of marketing, do you only think of sales? You’re not alone in that thought. However, current marketing doesn’t seek to convince you to buy a product you don’t need. A marketer’s primary directive is to find (target) the customers who are actively seeking a solution to the…

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Seven Ways Job-Seekers Get Ripped Off

Job seekers - photo of an interview

Do you remember what it felt like to join the ranks of job seekers and to finally get your first job? For me, it was Toys “R” Us, and it was a mind-numbingly easy job to say the least. But when I got my first paycheque, I was thrilled. It…

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