Tactical Support

You have your own dedicated flight crew handling your marketing needs. Sometimes you just need more firepower with Tactical Support.

Wingman Direct Marketing’s Tactical Support solution offers versatility and flexibility to your marketing needs. We’ve designed this solution to fit perfectly with your business—even if you already have a department dedicated to marketing. When your marketing workload fluctuates throughout the season or unforeseen objectives require a quick turnaround, our specialized flight crew can help fill in the gaps in your production and complement your existing workforce. It’s your mission, but we take pride in being there to expertly guide you with specific initiative planning and execution.

If you have a dedicated marketing department but have an immediate need for additional talent to complete your deliverables on time, our Calgary-based marketing agency can engage on deliverables at a moment’s notice.

Bring aboard a Wingman (or Wingman team) when you require:

Need us to provide you with an on-going results-focused strategy?

Need Tactical Support?


Need us to design & execute a laser-focused one-off project for you?

Need Tactical Support?

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