Canadian Plumber Marketing Strategies

Canadian plumber marketing strategies

Do you have a plumbing business but are looking to increase your marketing strategies? It can tough running a business while also trying to implement the right marketing tools to promote your company. Our crew at Wingman is ready to help you put in place the best possible marketing strategies for your plumbing business.

We understand how difficult it can be running your plumbing company while also trying to implement the best marketing strategies. While you focus on providing the best services for your clients let us help you with your marketing.

At Wingman we make sure to implement the right marketing tools to ensure success for your plumbing company. Let our team of experts help ensure your company is properly marketed to target your customers.

Read on to discover how the Wingman crew can help with your Canadian plumber marketing strategies.  

Clients are Key: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  

As a small business owner, you know that each customer counts, so delivering outstanding customer service is top of mind. Indeed, in the plumbing business you are familiar with the two main types of customer: 

  • The client looking for a routine check-up for his or her plumbing system. 
  • The panicked client on an emergency call.  

Both clients are valuable and offer your business an opportunity to turn a one-time call into a regular relationship. In addition to providing outstanding customer service on the job — while you fix a broken water heater in the middle of a Canadian winter or put a young couples’ minds at ease by checking out their new home’s plumbing system — a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) will enable you to take that service to the next level.  

Our team will help you move away from using spreadsheets, or pen and paper, to track your customers’ information and implement a CRM system that will enable you to monitor your clients’ progress through the sales funnel.  

There are many benefits to using a CRM system: 

  • Track your quote, job, invoice, contact information and payment history for all your clients. This will keep you and your team organized and empower your employees to deliver top-notch service.  
  • Store detailed notes and photos that relate to the client’s specific issue. This will help you remember what happened, so that if this customer has follow-up questions or encounters another concern you can provide impressively detailed service.   
  • Maintain a list of clients you have worked with in the past. This provides an opportunity to reach out about upcoming offers and services, send follow-up emails asking for a referral or review, and re-engage with customers.   

Refresh Your Website 

Often at WMDM, we encounter clients who have aesthetically pleasing websites but the content is service-driven as opposed to solutions-driven, or whose websites are a bit outdated and require re-branding. Now more than ever, your website design plays an essential role in helping grow your plumbing business.  

Our crew can help you create a professional and functional website that will enable clients to: 

  • Understand your Canadian plumbing company’s services, values and history. For a client looking for a routine check-up, a fleshed-out website will offer him or her the resources to research and understand your company — increasing their trust in you and sparking a relationship.  
  • Quickly trust you can deliver the solution to their problem. For the customer dealing with a plumbing emergency, an easily navigational website that is responsive on any viewing device — such as a smartphone — is key so that he or she doesn’t get frustrated in an already stressful situation.  
  •  Find your plumbing business’ website easily. Your efficient, effective and professional customer service already stands out from the crowd, and your website should too. Our experts can ensure your landing page is optimized for search engines so potential clients — especially if in dire need of a plumber — can find you in a quick search.   

The Importance of SEO

Not only is a search engine optimized website one of the best marketing solutions for Canadian plumbers, but including a blog on your site is also key for converting leads into customers.  

Our skilful team can help you establish a content marketing strategy that:  

  • Provides leads added value while establishing thought-leadership and brand authority. The plumbing industry is highly specialized, and for individuals who are not part of your field, often mysterious. Compelling blog posts outlining answers to potential client’s frequent questions — such as how to prevent shower drains from blocking, the risks of DIY electrical work or the causes of plumbing leaks — empowers leads and increases trust in your company’s expertise.  
  • Boosts your website’s index ranking. Blog posts that have been optimized for search engines (SEO) impact where your website appears in a Google search by increasing your site’s authority and relevance. As a search engine “crawls” your content, it is more likely to deem your site as trustworthy and useful to a potential client if you have posts calibrated to what he or she is looking for.  

Client Retention and Loyalty  

Client retention is just as important as client acquisition. Undoubtedly, converting leads into clients helps expand your customer base and grow your plumbing business. However, did you know that onboarding a new client costs five-times more than maintaining an existing one?  

A client’s experience with your company is the most important factor in ensuring that the next time pipe bursts or a leaky toilet needs fixing, your company is top of mind. We can help you build a long-term strategy to maintain customer relationships, re-engage with clients in a meaningful manner and earn more referrals from your existing clients.  

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