It’s Your Marketing – You Don’t Have To Fly Solo!

You don't have to fly solo

At Wingman, our unique selling proposition (USP) states, “You don’t have to fly solo!” We mean this in every way possible. It is your objective. Wingman is here to help you achieve it. How can a small business do it all? Last week I was speaking with a fellow marketing…

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Social Media Tactical Plan for B2B 

social media tactical plan

“My business doesn’t need social media!” This may have been true in years past but in 2023, a social media tactical plan is a necessary piece of your sales and marketing mix.   Most assuredly, B2B social media is here to stay. In fact, recent Sprout Social statistics note that social…

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Canadian Plumber Marketing Strategies

Canadian plumber marketing strategies

Do you have a plumbing business but are looking to increase your marketing strategies? It can tough running a business while also trying to implement the right marketing tools to promote your company. Our crew at Wingman is ready to help you put in place the best possible marketing strategies…

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Marketing Strategies for Your Window Replacement Business

Marketing strategies for your window replacement business

 It is very important to implement the right marketing strategies for your business. Whether you have just started a window replacement business or are looking to expand, the key to getting your name out to new clients is through a targeted marketing strategy. Keep reading to discover marketing strategies for your window…

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4 Ways to Market Your Commercial Cleaning Business

Have you thought about marketing for your commercial cleaning business? It is important to properly market your business in order to reach full potential growth. Continue reading to discover 4 ways to market your commercial cleaning business. Having the proper marketing strategies can help with promoting your services, bringing in…

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Marketing Ideas for Residential Cleaning Services

marketing ideas for residential cleaning services

Looking for some marketing ideas for residential cleaning services? In order to continue growing your business, it is important to know how to properly market your services. It can be tricky to know where to even begin when it comes to marketing strategies for your company, that’s why the Wingman…

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4 Ways to Market Your Locksmith Business

  It can be difficult to implement proper marketing strategies for your locksmith business. Connecting with your customers and engaging with them is so important in order to grow and succeed as a business. Continue reading to learn about the 4 ways to market your locksmith business. We understand it can tricky…

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Marketing Strategies for Painting Contractors

Marketing strategies for painting contractors

As a painting contractor have you given much thought about marketing strategies for your business? It is important to be able to reach and connect with potential and existing clients to be able to grow your business. Marketing Strategies for painting contractors can ultimately help your business success in the…

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4 Tips to Promote Your Tutoring Services

4 tips to advertise your tutoring services

A strategic marketing plan is key when starting a small business in order to be successful and continue to grow. It is important as a tutor to be able to obtain new clients and connect with existing ones, through proper marketing strategies this can be achieved. Continue reading to discover…

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Digital Marketing ideas for Accountants

Digital marketing strategies for accountants, when implemented properly can ultimately determine the businesses success. Whether you have some marketing ideas currently you are using or are unsure of how to start, keep reading to discover Wingman’s digital marketing ideas for accountants. We understand it can be tricky to focus on…

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Digital Marketing Strategies for Manufacturers

Have you thought about your digital marketing strategies as a manufacturer? It can be difficult to manage a manufacturing company while also implementing the proper marketing strategies. Many manufacturers rely on old ways of marketing but at Wingman we want to help you optimize your marketing to get the best…

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Top 4 Marketing Ideas for Electricians

Are you an electrician who wants to grow your business with digital marketing? Running a business while implementing the proper marketing strategies can be tough. Unsure of how to market your electrician business to it’s full potential? Continue reading to find out the top 4 marketing ideas for electricians. We understand,…

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Marketing Strategies for Psychologists

Marketing Strategies for Psychologists

Mental health affects so many of us daily, on average 1 in 5 Canadians suffer every year from mental illness. Having the tools and resources to help individuals who suffer from this is very important. As a psychologist you are providing a service that makes a life-changing impact and ultimately…

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4 Marketing Ideas for Landscapers

4 Marketing ideas for landscaper

  Implementing the proper marketing strategies for your landscaping business is needed to help continue your company’s success. We understand It can be tricky running a business and trying to market properly. Continue reading to discover 4 marketing ideas for landscapers. It’s no secret that the landscaping business is a highly competitive market —…

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Wingman’s 5 Pillars of Marketing 

5 Pillars of Marketing

What are Wingman’s 5 Pillars of Marketing? You’ve heard of Jerome McCarthy’s managerial approach to marketing – the 4-P’s. Product, Place, Price and Promotion make up the Marketing Mix students have been studying since the late 1950’s. Product solves a problem, price defines the value, promotion allows you to talk…

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6 Tried-And-True Steps to Improve Your Google Ranking

Improve Your Google Ranking

To improve your Google ranking, sometimes you must dip back into tried-and-true tactics. Unlike in the movie, “Field of Dreams,” if you build it, they will NOT come. You have a beautifully designed and developed website. You might even have Pulitzer award worthy content. It won’t mean a thing if…

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2023 Budgeting Tips!


2023 is right around the corner! Is your business prepared to reach new heights? Every year we at Wingman help businesses set goals for their marketing strategies so that they can head into the new year feeling prepared and confident. Keep reading for some common marketing budget strategies to assist…

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