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CDAP | CAnada digital adoption program

$15,000 in government funding, now yours when you transform your business technology.

Doing business in the digital age just became a lot more affordable and accessible. The Government of Canada is investing a total of $4 billion in the digital transformation of businesses like yours. Through the Canada Digital Adoption Program’s Boost Your Business Technology grant, you can get $15,000 in funding to work with Wingman Direct Marketing & Digital Advisory, your approved CDAP digital advisor. 

Plus, get access to up to $100,000 interest-free loan from BDC to implement your digital adoption roadmap.

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Start Your Digital Transformation with Wingman

Wingman is a registered CDAP digital advisor since March 11, 2022 – one of the first 12 approved advisors in the federal government ‘s $4 Billion small business digital adoption program. 

And now, we are your dedicated expert resource for transforming your business.

As your CDAP advisor, Wingman empowers your business with digital advisory services, and we ensure that small and mid-sized brands like yours can compete and thrive in the digital economy. With our team of digital marketing and advisors, we’ll identify business areas that benefit from new digital technologies, key challenges, and your data-driven roadmap to success.

Benefits of Digital Adoption

Eligible businesses can save 90%, up to $15,000 for expert digital adoption advisory services. As an approved digital advisor, we develop and tailor the digital adoption plan to your needs.

The Canada Digital Adoption Program is designed to kickstart your success in the digital economy. With Wingman as your CDAP digital advisor, you get a clear path to improved business processes and growth. 

See how Canadian businesses have succeeded with digital adoption.

300% more likely to grow revenue

200% more profitable than less digitally-mature competitors.

800% revenue increase for small businesses compared to competitors without a digital adoption strategy.

93% of leaders credit technology for gaining a competitive advantage.

Unlock up to $15,000 in government funding to modernize your business technology. And access up to $100,000 in interest free loan from BDC. Ask us how.

CDAP - How it Works

3. Apply and Qualify

Wingman will assist you in navigating the CDAP options way through pre-qualifying questions. Then, assist you with applying for the $15,000 Boost Your Business Technology grant, processing, and ultimately, receiving the grant for your business.

4. Points of Pain

We will work with you to collectively identify areas where you want to ease pain points.

5. Recommendations Selection (x3)

We will provide you with, for approval and funding, our digital adoption recommendations to complete your unique customized Digital Adoption Plan through the Canada Digital Adoption Program.

6. Your Custom Digital Adoption Plan

All Wingman's efforts to this point lead to your customized Digital Adoption Plan submitted to the Program for approval. The Digital Adoption Plan (DAP) will be your reference in transforming and digitizing your business. It also doubles up as the next step in the CDAP process to give you access to up to $100,000 interest free loan and $7,300 hiring subsidy to help you implement the plan.

From Digital Adoption to Implementation

At the end of your digital advisory engagement with Wingman, you will be equipped with a flight plan to digital adoption. But that’s just the beginning. It’s even more crucial to turn your digital adoption plan into action. Our commitment to a full life cycle digital adoption solution means we’re here for your business at every step of the way, from technology implementation to growth measurement.

Wingman offers a full suite of digital adoption solutions. As a certified industry partner of leading platforms and a portfolio of client successes, we deliver a custom-crafted strategy and the right tools for improving your digital channels, driving sales, and building lasting customer relationships. 

At Wingman, we’re more than your CDAP advisor. Building on the flight plan we designed for you, we’ll work with you to implement it and get results that matter.  We’re your partner in long-term success.

After Submission, you will be able to apply for an interest-free loan up to $100,000. The loan helps you implement the recommendations given to you in the plan.

(For more information, please check out our CDAP FAQs )

How Wingman Can Help

What’s the biggest barrier that your business is currently facing? 

The ability to adapt and thrive in the digital age is certainly one. You need the right digital tools, platforms, and digitally-enabled processes to compete in the market, cater to customers, and secure your brand’s future. 

See how our CDAP advisors can help, from expert recommendations to successful digital adoption.

Boost Your Business Technology Eligibility

As your CDAP digital advisor, we’ll make sure that you’re eligible for the Boost Your Business Technology grant based on the criteria.

Application Support

A Wingman CDAP digital advisor will review your application and identify strengths to highlight to increase your chances of approval.

Digital Needs Assessment

We’ll look at every aspect of business and the technology you use—or don’t currently—to identify areas of digital adoption potential.

Generate Recommendations

Based on your digital transformation needs, we’ll recommend platforms and digitally-enabled marketing and sales processes, with the highest ROI potential.

Create Your Flight Plan

Wingman will provide you with a comprehensive flight plan for digital adoption, complete with key strategies, milestones, and necessary tools to ensure success in the digital economy.

CDAP at a glance

Explore the two different CDAP grants available.


Grow Your Business Online

The Federal Government plans to support 90,000 small businesses through the Grow Your Business Online grant. The goal is to enable service industries, consumer-based enterprises, and small businesses to adopt e-commerce technologies.


For-profit firms, such as social enterprises and co-operatives, qualify for a $2,400 micro-grant. Small businesses will receive advice from online assistance organizations to establish an impactful online presence.


This Grow Your Business Online micro-grant covers website development, e-commerce platform subscription fees, search engine optimization and social media advertising costs.  


You also get access to a network of Canadian digital experts (CDAP Digital Advisors) such as Wingman to meet and whom will help you maximize digital tools efficiently.  You also get access to a network of Canadian youth digital experts to help grow your business online.  


Not sure if you qualify? 

We can help you through the process. Wingman offers complimentary consultation to see what’s best for you. We can even help you start the process during that first call!

Boost Your Business Technology

The Boost Your Business Technology grant is for SMEs to improve their position in the digital marketplace. Businesses that meet the minimum requirements are eligible to get this funding of 90% off up to $15,000. The Boost Your Business Technology funds will support around 70,000 Canadian SMEs.  


Businesses seeking this funding may be aiming to adopt new digital inventory management systems, customer relationship software, network security software, and other technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics that can boost their bottom line.  


SMEs can apply for the Boost Your Business Technology grant to cover 90% of the costs of hiring a certified digital advisor, such as Wingman, to create a strategic digital adoption plan.  Wingman is a partner provider in a network of Canadian digital experts who will assist you in drawing up your unique plan to maximize your digital tools efficiently.  


Once funded, SMEs can also apply for an interest-free loan of up to $100,000 from the Business Development Bank of Canada to help them implement their digital adoption plan and acquire new technologies.  


And, as another helping hand, to help you implement your adoption Plan, you will also have access to a $7,300 wage subsidy to hire some help.


Not sure if you qualify? 

We are not just a marketing agency. We can help you through the process. Wingman offers complimentary consultation to see what’s best for you. We can even help you start the process during that first call!


What Does Your Digital Adoption Plan Include?

The Canada digital adoption program is here to help you leverage technology solutions that will streamline your operations.

 The grant funding covers our CDAP digital advisory services to develop your Digital Adoption Plan. We analyze your current state operations and workflow and look at how data is managed across your organization. After that, we prepare an opportunity (or gap) analysis that outlines opportunities for improvement along with three (3) solution recommendations including a budget and timeline. Think of it as a roadmap for strategic success. Every SME is unique, so the recommendations for each business could vary immensely.

 Businesses seeking this funding may be aiming to adopt new digital inventory management systems, customer relationship software, network security software, and other technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics that can boost their bottom line.

Digital Adoption Ideas

E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Integration

Create a digital marketing and e-commerce strategy.

Digital Dashboards

Create dashboards and analytics to provide actionable insights into your organization.

Implement a CRM

Launch a Customer Relationship Management system to leverage its technology for managing and supporting your customer relationships.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Install and utilize a comprehensive ERP software application to manage your financials, supply chain, operations, commerce, reporting, manufacturing, and human resource activities...all in one place.

Cloud-Based Accounting

Automate your accounting operations using cloud-based technologies.

Fulfillment App

Develop an App for ease and/or speed of fulfillment, collection of money online and expedite your time to market.

Integrate / Connect Systems

Connect / integrate various systems to talk to each other.

Still Using Paper?

Digitize areas of your business where paper or Excel are still used to manage processes.

Supply Chain Automations

Automate ordering, invoicing, contract and supply chain management, etc.

Digital Inventory System

Creation of a digital inventory management system. Know when to re-order, when to send, scheduling and more.

Network Security Audit & Setup

Audit and prepare for a cyber security audit; Set up network security software.

... And More

The possibilities are as diverse as you and your business.

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