Digital Adoption with Wingman Direct Marketing & Digital Advisory 

Digital Adoption

Wingman Digital Advisory’s mission is to make Digital Adoption simple. At Wingman, we believe that it is your mission; we are just here to help see you through to a successful conclusion.  

We are proud to be on of the first dozen Approved Digital Advisors for the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP). Through our carefully crafted CDAP Digital Advisory process, we provide a straightforward advisory framework you will find easy to follow along. Our Wingman crew provides several visual tools, consultative guides, and both interactive and printable resources for small businesses. In this way, you get the most out of your business through digital technologies. This leads to lasting innovation and success.  

At the end of the day, we want you to be able to do more with less through digital adoption and technology-assisted productivity. You don’t have to fly solo! 

What is Digital Adoption? 

Productive organizations embrace digital technologies. They do this because they know this generates greater value for their customers and provides an environment for employees to thrive. Which equals higher profits for the business. Digital Adoption is the single most important opportunity that enables organizations to leverage technologies across all aspects of the business. This leads to overall financial success now and into the future.   

Why does adopting digital productivity matter? 

Done properly, with a solid digital adoption plan in hand, businesses reap the benefits of more informed decision making, improved processes, and better communication. This results in improved client experience and bottom line.  

Businesses proceeding with ad hoc solutions risk employees becoming less productive or parting ways for better employment solutions. Processes break down and clients get frustrated. You don’t want to spoon-feed a reason for your best staff and clients to find solutions elsewhere. Start with a plan.

What is the challenge? 

Savvy executives used to look for new growth opportunities and implement technologies in a reactive manner. They would install a CRM to boost sales. They would invest significant resources to create dashboards, reporting models and line of business applications to get more visibility into the business. Team collaboration tools to would be implemented to improve internal communication.  

Since these were all reactive responses to a current business need, these initiatives did not always go as anticipated. Some failed entirely, others delivered less than desired results, and many just went way over budget. They did not have a foundation in continual improvement. 

Why are there so many failures in digital adoption? 

There is no magic answer to this. But a siloed approach to digital solutions will provide a siloed response. If a digital need is addressed in finance for example and solves problems for finance alone, then areas of your business such as operations, IT, and marketing do not reap the benefits. A holistic approach to digital adoption and technology needs to be embraced.  

Book a Wingman today! 

There is no doubt that technology is critical to your business today. Organizations need to adopt a digital-minded strategy to be able to thrive. But it’s essential that technology is deployed correctly. And more specifically, you shouldn’t start without a solid digital adoption plan in hand.  

If you feel that your current technology infrastructure might be holding your organization back from reaching your goals and objectives, it may be time to invest in a Digital Advisor to assist you in developing a strong digital adoption plan, like what Wingman can provide you.  

If you’d like to learn more about how to create a digital adoption plan for your business, get in touch with Wingman Direct & Digital Advisory today. You don’t have to fly solo! Book a Wingman Today. Contact us today and we can show you how to make your technology work harder and smarter for you by creating your own unique plan.  

PS: Secure your $15,000 Canada Digital Adoption Grant today  

Did you know you can get up to $15,000 grant towards your digital adoption plan…and an interest free loan up to $100,000 and a $7,300 hiring subsidy to implement it? Ask us about the Canada Digital Adoption Plan and Boost Your Business Technology Grant. Wingman is an approved CDAP Digital Advisor partner of Canada’s Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.  

Only an approved CDAP Digital Advisor can help you access the CDAP grant to have your digital adoption plan get approved through the program. Book a Wingman today to discuss how we can help.