Get Better Digital Marketing Results by Leveraging Direct at Every Stage of the Customer Journey 

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Why Use Direct Mail in 2023? (Part 2 of 3) 

Your company’s customer journey hourglass capitalizes on digital tactics no doubt. Maybe you are active on social media, dabble in SEO, send emails, etc. Want to know a way to reach your prospects and clients with a higher Return on Investment (ROI)? Do you have direct mail in your marketing hourglass? 

You can reach out to a prospect sending them a direct mail reminder or value-add piece at every stage in the customer journey. 

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1. When You’re Reaching a New Audience 

With digital marketing, you can create highly targeted lists of individuals to reach via social media, IP addresses, email addresses, etc. And you can use those same lists with direct mailing campaigns by gaining access to those individuals’ postal addresses. 

With many people trusting direct mail the most, starting your digital marketing campaign off with a direct mailing campaign is an effective way to build initial trust with someone who isn’t familiar with your brand just yet. 

2. When You’re Nurturing Leads 

It takes time and multiple touchpoints to turn leads into sales and while your leads may be showing interest in your online ads and emails, they’re also receiving similar touchpoints from competitors. 

Adding in a more personable and tangible touchpoint, like direct mail, gives your brand the edge it needs to stand out and gives those leads the encouragement they need to make a purchase. 

3. When You’re Looking to Strengthen Customer Relationships 

Digital marketing campaigns typically involve reaching an exceptionally large audience, which makes it difficult to create lasting relationships with customers. You may send them weekly marketing emails, or they may engage with your social media posts, but these efforts are geared towards your entire audience, not just that specific recipient, and they know that. 

With 75% of consumers saying that receiving direct mail made them feel special, adding a direct mailing campaign to your digital marketing campaign lets your audience know that you care. Even a simple thank you postcard sent to customers who made a purchase thanks to your digital advertisement can go a long way. Throw in a special discount code and you increase your chances of repeat purchases. 

Conclusion: Direct Mail Campaigns Improve Digital Marketing Results 

When it comes down to it, no matter how you use direct mailing campaigns with your digital marketing campaigns, you will see better results. 

With direct mail offering higher response rates, a higher ROI, better brand recall and awareness, a channel of marketing your audience enjoys, and so much more, direct mail is the marketing tool you need to gain the best results with your online marketing campaigns. 

To explore all the ways, you can take advantage of direct mail marketing to better your digital marketing, including CRM integration, Direct Mail Retargeting, and more, Book a Wingman today.