Brand Development & Design

Perfect for…

Defining a compelling message for a new product line in its preliminary stages of development
Re-positioning your brand to engage a new market
Refining a brand that no longer resonates with customers and breathe new life into it


A company’s brand is single-handedly the most important asset to a company, despite its intangibility.

At WMDM, we know every interaction—client, vendor, fellow employee, etc.—is an act of branding and the opportunities to make an impact lie in each of these interactions. A successful brand is not a logo or a slogan or a foosball table in the staff lounge. It requires a strong belief in yourself and what you’re capable of. Through collaboration, when a plan of action is consistently applied, your brand will grow and over time will take on a life of its own.

We design your company’s visual identity to set the foundation for how your brand is seen and felt in the eyes of your customers. The work must be conceptually strong and thoughtful. The work must also be authentic with inspiration coming from an original source—you. WMDM will assist you in developing and enhancing your brand through:

Research & Strategy

We identify the audience to attract, the competition to beat, and the objectives to hit.

Logo Design

As the visual identifier that serves to represent your brand, we ensure your logo is elegant and original.


We can assist you selecting fonts that build on your brand recognition; in some cases, we can develop a custom one-of-a-kind and usable typeface.

Visual Identity Guide

At the conclusion of our design development, we put all these design elements in one comprehensive brand manual that’s useful for your staff and/or vendors.


Let us craft the right brand name that is appropriate, available, and not a creative or legal liability.


Creating a custom icon set is right in our wheelhouse.


Let us capture your brand’s originality with custom photography.


Wingman has years of extensive experience working with blue-chip corporations to build and reinforce top-of-mind awareness in their customers. From conceptualization to deployment, your branding starts with WMDM.

Take a look at what we’ve done with our own branding on our social media.

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