Virtual Customer Assistants

Perfect for…

Automating your sales flow
Answering your customer’s questions—even when you’re not there
Creating an additional qualifier to your sales funnel to separate warm leads from cold


Chatbots (Virtual Customer Assistants) not only address your customers’ questions immediately, but also tracks hard data to separate qualified customers from the noise.

Virtual Customer Assistants (VCAs) are being deployed to websites at an exponential rate. In fact, research has shown that VCAs will be on 25% of all engagement channels by next year—and for good reason. 

Virtual Customer Assistants can clarify and elaborate on services, separate warm leads from cold, and close potential sales with 100% uptime—even when a human isn’t there. VCAs also get better over time, growing their repertoire of answers with every human interaction. 


WMDM leverages chatbots and touchless sales tactics to collect lead information, identify common areas of user confusion, address buyer needs, and filter out noise so you can give more attention to high-interest visitors. We are tool-agnostic, personalizing your bot’s narrative to create a solution unique to your story. We build and deploy if/then workflows, track the efficacy of each program, and tweak and tune your bot until it’s a well-oiled machine.  

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