Social Media Marketing

Perfect for…

Generating actionable, qualified leads with robust analytics to improve campaigns
Developing meaningful, digestible content for your audience, leaving them feeling informed, entertained, or inspired—perhaps even all three!
Engaging loyal followers and addressing concerns


80% of the US population uses social media marketing but, ironically, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to reach your intended audience.

Social media marketing (SMM) has evolved over time. Organic search alone used to be an effective tool in driving warm leads to your website. Now, social media requires expertly crafted content and paid advertising to stand out from the crowd. It’s common industry knowledge that a business’ findability through organic search on social media platforms are declining. As it becomes an ever-crowded place, a business planning to strictly use organic search as a means to generate sales leads is a difficult endeavour to accomplish. Offering anything less than posts targeted perfectly for your audience are now table-stakes to get ahead. Unless your company has a well-established brand with devout followers actively searching for your content, paid social advertising complements your efforts in reaching your targeted segment, and assist your audience with separating the signal from the noise.


WMDM has extensive knowledge in building measurable, data-driven, social media campaigns for your company—even if you have a dedicated team. WMDM can play several roles in your marketing team that complements your current social media force: Social media consultants, social media managers, content creators, or social media analysts. Talk to us today to see how we can help. Social media marketing is an ongoing effort of creating relevant content to your audience—testing, retesting, and experimenting with what resonates to them. You can rely on WMDM to be your go-to social media content manager so you can focus on building up your business. We got your back.

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