CRM Platform Integrations and Migrations

Perfect for…

Reducing complexities with your sales force’s workflow, increasing efficiency and effectiveness
Creating deeper personal connections with clients and customers
Improving conversion rate, shortening length of sales turn-over


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a cornerstone piece for any business to track a customer’s journey through your sales funnel.

Despite this, a staggering number of companies still use spreadsheets to handle their customer’s information or worse, paper or memory. There are several benefits to switching to a customer relationship management solution. For starters, the required steps to on-board new customers is simplified significantly. Less time is taken to process a lead or resolve sales, leaving them extra time to focus on nurturing sales that have a slower turn-over. Second, CRMs reduce unnecessary complexities with managing your customers, allowing your sales team to create deeper personal connections. Finally, digital CRMs have the added benefit of being cross-platform—all your data can be found on your laptop, tablet, or phone. Not only does it help to have a single copy of your customer list that automatically updates, this list can be brought out by your sales force to revise and review out in the field.  

Sounds perfect? Talk with a Wingman today and find out how we can further improve your customer management solutions.  


When it comes to finding the right tools for you, we’re agnostic—WMDM searches and presents multiple CRMs for you to choose from, outlining each of their pros and cons.

In addition, WMDM has years of extensive experience working with blue-chip corporations to build and reinforce top-of-mind awareness in their customers. From conceptualization to deployment, your branding starts with WMDM.

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