Calgary Logo Design

Perfect for…

Conveying your business’ purpose with an aesthetically pleasing brand
Redefining or refreshing your company’s visual identity
Building a recognizable, memorable symbol for prospects and existing clients alike


Offering the strongest Calgary logo design to tell simple stories.

Wingman is an agency specializing in Calgary logo design. We understand that your logo is the face of your business. While your logo is not your brand it is the symbol that generates cognitive resonance of your brand in all who see it. Within seconds, your clients and prospects makes subconscious assumptions based on their thoughts, feelings, and past experiences with your company—for better or for worse. Great logo design resonates with its target market, is instantly recognizable, and conveys your company’s authority, and trustworthiness.

To reach a high-quality, professional logo design, WMDM deploys a creative design process leveraging your feedback in every step. Our multi-step approach ensures your logo design and brand are in sync with one another:

Consultation: WMDM builds a design brief with you to understand your business’ values, goals, and objectives.
Research & Conceptualization: Next, our team brainstorms what imagery and symbolism best defines your company’s ethos, producing several logo concepts for your review.
Revise, Revise, Revise: The iteration process takes your feedback into careful consideration, refining the logo’s colours, dimensions, appearance or even take an entirely different path. Once final approval has been given, we provide all source files for your use wherever you need it—online or offline.


WMDM offers a high-quality Calgary logo design for a wide range of businesses and individuals looking to make their mark and positively stand out from the crowd. From research to concept, we sit down and collaborate with you closely to ensure your vision is realized. If you’re looking for a professional, meticulous Calgary logo design company to breathe life into your branding, you can trust Wingman to have your back! Talk to us today to understand your project and discuss the next steps.

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