Typeface Development

Perfect for…

Truly “owning” a brandmark/logo without having to worry about lookalikes
Improving the brand recognition of your business
Making any design look fresh and unique—not using an overused typeface


Your choice of typeface development is as important as what you do with the typeface.

Typeface (also known as “font family”) is a set of characters of the same design—these characters include letters, numbers, punctuation, and symbols. Some popular typefaces include Times New Roman, Arial, and Helvetica.

Choosing the right typeface is a crucial part of both logo design and defining your brand. Typeface is visible on various client touchpoints, including packaging, signage, displays, mobile apps, brochures, flyers. It can play a subtle role in shaping your brand’s personality and the tone or voice that is being communicated to your audience.

The options for creating your own typeface are vast. There are many choices you need to make—will it be serif or sans-serif? Script or monospaced? The choices are endless, and it all depends on your business needs and the time and budget you have.


Typeface development can be very technical, time-consuming, and expensive—but WMDM is here to make the task less daunting. We have 15 years of graphic design experience under our belt that we can use to bring your typeface ideas to life.

An experienced Wingman will outline your objectives from the start, asking you important questions in order to create a design brief for your review. If all looks good, we’ll start creating the typeface—all the while catering it to your specific business objectives.

Contact a Wingman today to get started with creating your perfect typeface.

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