Business Plans

Perfect for…

Defining your goals and the steps needed to reach them
Spelling out your purpose, vision, and means of operation
Explaining your objectives to stakeholders (investors, partners, employees, vendors)


Business plans are the road maps for companies.

Every business, small or otherwise, needs a business plan. Obviously, you already knew that. Business plans are a written roadmap of what you plan to do with your business and how you plan to do it. You want to get from point A to B with ‘x’ amount of resources and abilities.

Not only are business plans helpful in providing you as the business owner guidance to succeed, it also allows banks to determine a company’s feasibility. If your business requires a loan from the bank to get off the ground, you need a business plan.

But what about the marketing section of your business plan? How will you get clients to buy your products or services? That’s where the marketing plan comes in.

Your marketing plan should include:

Your product or service — features, physical attributes, benefits for the client
Your Unique Selling Proposition — the central message you want to communicate
Your pricing strategy — the costs of your product or service; your price relative to competitors
Your sales/distribution plan — how will your product or service get to your clients?
Your advertising/promotions plan — how will you promote your product or service to potential clients?


Our name is Wingman Direct Marketing for a reason—marketing is what we do. Regardless of the size of your business, no business is too small to have a business/marketing plan. You need to communicate with your clients about your products or services, and we have decades of experience that we can bring to assist you with creating your business plan. Talk to a Wingman today—we’ll help you figure out your objectives and resources, and get your ideas and strategy onto paper!

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