Competitive Analysis

Perfect for…

Identifying companies that your business would directly or indirectly compete with
Gaining competitor insight and intelligence on upcoming campaigns and strategies
Detecting headwind and tailwind trends emerging within your industry


No matter what industry you’re in, businesses will always face a competitor. Competitive analysis will help you stay one step ahead of them.

Competitive analysis in an ongoing basis will prevent your business from being blindsided by an action you weren’t prepared for.

Identify your key competitors and do a thorough competitive analysis on their strengths and weaknesses
We run through a series of primary and secondary research on competitors, enabling you to anticipate their next move and stay one step ahead
Arm yourself with the knowledge to compete, or out-compete, your rivals entirely
A third-party company researching your competitors offers a range of benefits, such as receiving samples of your competitors’ communication channels (newsletters, packaging, pricing, shipping)


WMDM collects and analyzes data for trends and areas of opportunities. Competitive analysis consists of us researching your competitors through social media channels, websites, online communities, recent organizational news, and press releases. We track their locations, product offerings, client experience, marketing positioning, and strengths and weaknesses. Next, we process this data into a digestible package to present to you. We then work with you to develop marketing tactics to leverage this data, positioning your business for success in the competitive landscape.  

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