Digital Marketing Analytics

Perfect for…

Businesses that need to gain insight on their clients
Empowering key decision-makers to create smarter, informed decisions
Significantly reducing costs on marketing initiatives


As a business owner living in the information age, digital marketing analytics and understanding how to leverage it is the new oil.

Digital Marketing Analytics is the analysis of qualitative and quantitative online data of your business with the drive for continual improvement of your client’s online experience.

Gaining valuable insight into your clients’ and prospects’ needs has advanced greatly, allowing you to surgically target them where they are. Regardless of what sort of business you run, it is critical that you understand that consumers of today are looking for more than a simple template churned out to every one of your prospects. A personalized, interactive experience will serve as a better medium to engage your audience. However, in order to understand what your client cares about, you need digital marketing analytics.

A single data point doesn’t offer very much insight. However, over time, a collection of data points, such as engagements and shares, form actionable trends. This, in turn, forms consistent trends to paint your ideal client. Lack of a solid foundational understanding is like flying without a navigator—you won’t know who or where to target.


It is critical for all businesses, big or small, to capture some degree of digital marketing analytics. WMDM’s roots stem from the data-driven marketing campaigns working with large blue-chip corporations and small businesses alike.

We analyze and assess your data and provide a digestible, easy-to-understand reports and insights to our clients. Numbers are persuasive. And separating the information from the data is like finding the signal from the noise. By quantifying your data, it makes it easier to gauge the performance of your marketing strategies. You can also reduce the cost of creating surgically-crafted and targeted campaigns and empower your business to make smarter decisions by targeting your prospects with WMDM.

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