Client Retention & Loyalty

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Being an alternative strategic solution to lead generation
Re-engaging your clients in a meaningful manner
Earning more referrals from your clients


Client retention is just as important as client acquisition.

More often than not, when a business is in need of cash flow, they seek to generate new leads instead of searching for a solution to retain their existing clients. In fact, studies have shown that 44% of companies have a greater focus on client acquisition than retention. Yet, it costs businesses 5 times more to onboard new clients than to maintain existing ones. Instead of increasing the amount of sales in your funnel, plugging the existing from leakages could prove to be more cost-effective solution for your company.

A client’s experience is the most important factor when determining a client’s loyalty and retention. Build a long-term strategy to maintain relationships with your clients in order to avoid future costs of acquisition. Inform them of new products or services as they’re released. Provide consistently good service. Build personal relationships with above-and-beyond service and fast, friendly interactions.

If you notice a high churn rate for your clients, your solution may lie in retention instead.


A Wingman at WMDM will work with you to first understand your remarketing goals. Do you want to target people who did not take a certain action on your landing page? People who reached your checkout page but didn’t complete their purchase? Or perhaps those who haven’t seen a page that you’d like them to see? It’s important that you know exactly what action you want your potential client to take, and we’ll assist you with determining what that is. Once we know that, we’ll help you every step of the way with developing your remarketing campaign—choosing a network, creating a remarketing list and tags, tailoring ads and AdWords to your target audience. Once the campaign is launched, we’ll continue to monitor its performance and conversion rates, and present that information to you in a nice package with recommendations on how to optimize the campaign moving forward. Talk to a Wingman today to get started with your client retention strategy!

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