Content Marketing

Perfect for…

Establishing your business as your industry’s subject matter expert
Nurturing prospects at the top of your sales funnel
Developing value for your clients


Content marketing without a strategy is like using a megaphone in the middle of the street—you’re just making noise.

Content marketing is a top-of-funnel marketing strategy where building relevant, appealing and timely content is at the forefront of potential clients, requiring patience and consistency for efforts to bear fruit. And while results of the efforts aren’t felt immediately, it cements your company as the subject matter experts in your field. Credibility is established. Trust is earned.

Of course, while developing content plays a crucial role in any content marketing strategy, it is much more than simply articles, company updates and business trends—you’re not a publication. What separates content marketing from content development is that content marketing requires a well-thought-out strategy behind it—and all great content marketing strategies require a singular, clearly defined, measurable goal: driving profitable client action.

Unfortunately, this is where several businesses falter. Many businesses understand what they get out of writing content—reap SEO benefits, prospects see whether the company has a pulse, and it fills their website with “stuff”—but many of them don’t understand what the reader gets out of it, resulting in posts that receive zero traffic and wasting time or other valuable resources. Before even thinking of asking your prospects to open up their wallets, what insights can you offer your readers in exchange for their time, let alone their money?

It is important to position your company as the thought leaders of your industry, establish credibility and trust with prospects, and develop relationships first before asking them to do business with you. By doing so, you fill the top of your sales funnel with qualified leads that are easier to convert. If your company has valuable insight or resources that your client would be interested in, content marketing is the perfect solution.


Despite having industry knowledge and information valuable to your clients, viewers won’t flock to your content if they can’t find it. Contrary to popular belief, structuring content in chronological order is not the most effective method. It requires the strategic expertise of building a coherent structure, coupled with the technical know-how for crawl bots and viewers alike to find your content with ease. Even something as simple of copywriting plays a critical role in how to market your content. WMDM has the expertise of building and communicating content to humans and bots alike. With our years of building content marketing strategies, rest assured knowing we have what it takes to get your work out there.

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