List Management

Perfect for…

Maintaining a relevant, accurate and up-to-date list of current and prospective clients
Segmenting your database into niche markets
Optimizing effective and targeted campaigns to maximize ROI


Like cleaning out a cluttered closet, list management may not feel glamorous, but can be highly rewarding.

Proper list management is one of the most important factors contributing to a successful direct mail campaign. It is vital that your list is accurate, up-to-date, and relevant. Clients and prospects are constantly on the move—which means your database is always changing and needs to be regularly updated. You don’t want to incur unnecessary costs by sending direct marketing materials to outdated addresses.

When used correctly, targeted lists can drive a successful direct/email marketing campaign for your business. Not only is it costly to send out mailing pieces to an old client list with obsolete information, in rare cases, the results can seriously damage your company’s reputation and brand. List management mitigates these issues by cleaning up your database and eliminating any incorrect contact details, duplicates, or leads outside of your target market criteria. Develop direct marketing campaigns that cost less for your business, generates more qualified leads and, subsequently, results in greater sales.


Here at WMDM, we offer a wide range of list management solutions. Need a list developed or assistance with creating your own? Looking for someone to manage your current database of lists? Want to scrub out irrelevant information from your lists? We got your back.
WMDM offers the following services for list management:

List Cleansing: Verifying your existing client database and freeing up all irrelevant contacts
List Brokering: Curating lists tailored to your needs (i.e product, target market, budget, time frame)
List Segmentation: Categorizing contacts based on a number of conditions, to ensure you are sending the right content to the right people at the right time
Data Scrubbing: Removing any data in your database that is incorrect, incomplete, duplicated, or improperly formatted

Contact a Wingman today to learn more about how we use list management to maximize your marketing costs and generate a higher return on investment (ROI).

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