Direct Mail

Perfect for…

Reaching a highly targeted demographic in a way that cuts through the digital clutter
Creating a memorable, creative and enduring form of marketing
Utilizing a cost-efficient channel with less tactical competition


In an increasingly digital world, when done right, direct mail can make your marketing strategy more powerful and engaging.

Direct mail is a physical form of marketing that delivers directly into a prospective client’s hands. Examples include postcards, flyers and catalogs, and have a Call-To-Action (CTA) that encourages recipients to take some sort of action (visiting your website, contacting, you, taking a suvey, making a purchase, using a coupon code, etc).

We know what you’re thinking. We’re currently in the digital age of marketing—so why would I want to use direct mail, something that is largely considered to be on the decline?

Despite what many may believe, direct mail is far from obsolete. With less and less companies focusing on it as part of their marketing mix, new opportunities have emerged to fill the void. Direct mail has become a novel experience with the potential to engage the human senses (sight, smell, sound, touch) far better than digital advertisements could.

In addition, the effectiveness of digital advertisements has been severely impacted by poorly executed campaigns. As a result, viewers are numb and unresponsive to the sheer magnitude of irrelevant, untimely ads. Of course, we are not saying that digital advertisements do not work, but the consequences of developing digital marketing campaigns with little to no thought to what the customer cares about negatively affects everyone.

Studies have shown that direct mail campaigns actually have a higher return on investments (ROI) than paid search and online display ads, and are only 1% behind social media, the medium that offers the second-highest ROI. Additionally, the response rate for direct mail (5.3%) is higher than that of email (0.6%).

There are many benefits that direct mail can offer to your small business. Besides a higher ROI, it may surprise you to know that it is the most cost-efficient channel you can use. Drive clients to respond and contributes directly to your bottom line.

In addition, it also offers you many ways to get creative and engage with your recipients beyond digital marketing. Once you have a strong understanding of your client demographics, you can plan out your campaigns geographically and personalize your marketing message to reach the right people.


WMDM has decades of experience in the field of direct mail, having distributed almost 750 million mailing pieces across North America throughout our careers. We have developed both large and small campaigns for just about every size of business. We bring this experience to the table to work with you to develop and implement a successful mail campaign for your business. We define your audience and the clients you want to target, conduct target market research, perform Postal Code Targeting, and follow up with all respondents for re-marketing campaigns. We also recommend using direct mail to drive traffic to your online presence and get people active on your social media platforms!

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